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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1912-02-06 Packey McFarland ND10 Kid Burns (Bronx, NY, USA)

1912-02-07 The Sun (New York, NY) (page 9)
Chicago Lightweight Shows Skill in Ten Round Bout at Fairmont A. C.
Burns Lands Wallop in Ninth Round Which Closes McFarland's Left Eye.
Although he was outpointed in a fast ten round bout at the Fairmont A. C. last night, Kid Burns, the local boxer, was proud of the fact that he closed Packy McFarland's left eye so tight that vision was obscured. Burns landed a heavy blow in the ninth round on the Chicago wizard's optic and it swelled so rapidly that the ringside spectators were astonished.

McFarland had not received a black eye in many months, so that Burns's achievement was remarkable. But in other respects Burns was outclassed. McFarland tried hard to put him out on several occasions, but the West Sider was too strong and managed to keep his feet, though under terrific fire. Nearly 3,000 fans saw the battle and many more were turned away.

According to the articles of agreement Burns had to make 138 pounds at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, while McFarland was not compelled to get on the scales at that time. In compliance with the new rule of the State Athletic Commission the men also weighed in at the ringside a few minutes before 10 o'clock. McFarland tipped the beam at 136 and Burns at 139. William Joh was the referee.

First round--Burns rushed and was blocked. McFarland also stopped a hard swing and drove a left into the ribs. Burns rushed again but McFarland stepped away. Packey cornered his man and they exchanged swings. McFarland side stepped another attack and shot a left hook to the mouth. He followed it with a sharp left to the ear and put a right into the stomach. Burns tried slugging but could not land with effect. McFarland easily took the round.

Second Round--McFarland drove a left to the nose and then smothered a rush. Packy missed a right, but reached the neck with a stiff left. McFarland ran in with a left in the stomach and put on so much steam that Burns had to clinch. A right in the ribs and a left hook under the jaw sent Burns to the ropes, where he covered up. After that Packy punched him with both hands when and where he pleased. McFarland's round.

Third Round--Burns reached the stomach with a long left. He followed it up with a hard rush and McFarland mixed it with him so hotly that the West Sider backed away. Burns covered up his jaw and received body blows. Then he mixed it again, McFarland outpunching him. Packy blocked several wild wallops and also did some fine ducking. After that he puzzled the local man with swift blows and took the round.

Fourth Round--Burns planted a solid left on the neck. He stood up and mixed it hotly until McFarland put him on the ropes. Packy blocked several cyclonic swings and forcing his man to a corner he whipped in hooks and uppercuts until Burns hung on. Burns received a solid punching all the way to the bell, but he managed to keep his feet. Packy had the round.

Fifth round--Burns opened with a glancing left on the neck, whereupon McFarland began to tear in with rapid blows in the face and stomach. When Burns didn't cover up or clinch he missed numerous wild swings, for McFarland was as fast as the wind on his feet and displayed dazzling skill. McFarland later on worked hard with hooks and uppercuts, evidently trying for a knockout, but Burns was too strong in the legs. Packy's round.

Sixth Round--Burns had a lump under his left eye when he came up. McFarland stopped a left and ran in with a stomach punch. Burns rushed and McFarland grazed the point of the jaw with a fierce right hook. In a mix Packy landed sharply and Burns soon covered up. Burns shot in a couple of lefts to the face, but the next moment McFarland fairly smothered him with rapid fire smashes. Packy's round.

Seventh Round--Packy stepped away from a left and as Burns rushed he caught McFarland on the neck with a right. Packy almost lost his balance as he skipped away, but he was on top of Burns in a jiffy with a storm of blows. Burns clinched to escape this red hot punishment, but McFarland forced him to a corner to hand out more relentless punishment. Burns began to bleed from the mouth and when the bell rang he was in evident trouble. McFarland's round.

Eighth Round--The first blow McFarland landed was a hot left in the pit of the stomach. Burns rushed desperately but more body punches made him clinch. A right hook on the jaw made Burns reel and a left on the neck put him on the ropes. McFarland used a right repeatedly in an effort to stop his man, who was very tired and badly outclassed. Burns probably escaped a knockout by covering up and clinch. Packy's round.

Ninth Round--Icebags were placed on Burns's jaw just before he responded to the bell. When he came up he rushed, but Packy wasn't there. McFarland then stepped in with blinding hooks and jabs, Burns countering on the shoulder. Burns stood up for a mix, but McFarland soon made him clinch with heavy wallops. In a corner Burns got a severe punching, but he rallied now and then with heavy swings. One of these blows practically closed Packy's left eye, but he took the round just the same.

Tenth Round--McFarland tore in with a left on the neck and Burns began to slug for all he was worth. Both landed stiff punches on the head and as Burns held his own the crowd went wild. McFarland had the greater speed and stamina, however, and put Burns on the ropes. Burns mixed it, but McFarland staggered him with a right hand swing to the neck. This punch weakened Burns and he lost his steam. McFarland was the winner.

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