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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1917-05-01 Johnny Dundee W-PTS12 Chick Simler [Boston arena, Boston, MA, USA]

1917-05-02 Boston Journal (Boston, MA) (page 8)
Dundee Gains Verdict Over Simler
Simler Shows Wells in 12 Rounds With Dundee
By Jack Malaney.

Chick Simler has "made" himself so far as Boston is concerned, for, although he was beaten by the bounding, bouncing "Scotch Wop" wonder, Johnny Dundee, at the Arena last night, he put up such a performance that will make him a welcome visitor here in the future.

Referee Larry Conley's decision at the end of the 12 hard and interesting rounds rightfully gave Dundee the honors. It did seem a shame, though, that Simler couldn't have had some credit for what he had done. Yet, had the decision been another than it was, Dundee wouldn't have been getting his due.

Simler is decidedly a promising youngster. Many a time during the 12 rounds last night he stung Dundee and did it hard. He made Dundee go at his fastest at all times and there was more than one time, too, that he made bouncing Johnny change his mind about continuing to wade in and "let 'em go."

Arms Very Long

The new favorite is a well set up lad with arms that are long, too long almost for his own good. He packs a punch in both hands and uses his right hand effectively in uppercutting. Before Dundee got into Simler's style Chick was swinging a long right hander from his ankles; but when Dundee got it a few times, he later kept inside of the right and Simler only landed on the back with it.

Several times during the bout, the crowd was brought to its feet by extremely busy swapping bees. Dundee had proved here before that he is some swapper. Last night he sailed in with all the fury he could command and let his toughest wallops go with terrific rapidity. He planned, of course, to lose Simler by so doing, but the Scranton lad was always there with him so long as the swapping lasted.

Can Absorb Punishment

In the fifth and 10th rounds especially was the swapping of the warmest variety.

One fact that Simler surely proved was that he could take a stiff punch without showing any effects from it. Dundee hung many hard hooks in the correct manner onto his chin, but they only served to make him come back fast. In the last few rounds of the bout Dundee started his stiff left jab going and drew claret from his man's nose.

That Boston fans appreciate a good card was shown by the attendance, both the side and the floor seats of the Arena were filled and standing room in the rears was at a premium. A return match between Dundee and Simler, as will probably be arranged, would pack the place.

From start to finish the show was a fine one. It could be called "Italian Night," for five of the eight boys who boxed were Italians and practically 50 per cent. of the spectators were the same.

Al Girard supplied plenty of interest in the opening six-rounder, but it was decided that Young Buckley of South Boston beat him. In the following six, one of the funniest mills that has been put on for a long time was seen, Charley Mitchell of the North End went in to meet Young Chodo. Chodo was expected to beat Mitchell, but the latter took all sorts of liberties and Chodo's seconds stopped the battle in the fifth.

Patty Owens and Louis Leonard again presented a fine 10-rounder, this time to a draw decision.

1917-05-02 The Boston Herald (Boston, MA) (page 7)
New Yorker Takes Award After Twelve Sensational Rounds at Boston Arena.
Johnny Dundee of New York defeated Chick Simler of Scranton, Pa., in one of the best 12-round fights ever seen in a local ring. The contest took place at the Boston Arena last night and was witnessed by a large crowd.

With nothing to recommend him but his 10-round no-decision battle with lightweight champion Freddie Welsh, Simler was practically unheard of. But after last night's exhibition, he need have little fear in meeting the best lightweights in the game.

Simler made good against Dundee, even though he was outpointed and lost the decision. His fighting left nothing to be desired.

Dundee showed up in his regular form last night, but Simler forced him to bring out everything he had in the fighting game.

[part missing] than the visitor, but it did not keep Simler from trying. There were showers of blows in every round, and not all of them went to Dundee's credit. Simler scored hard and often and several times brought the fans to their feet with his spurts.

The body fighting of Dundee was terrific. Some of the blows he scored would have stopped a less gritty boxer than Simler, but the latter weathered every attack and often fought back harder than ever.

Simler packed a terrific punch, but he had a hard time to locate Dundee with a solid wallop.

The final round was finished in a burst of speed, both men standing toe to toe and swapping blows.

Louis Leonard and Patsey Owens boxed 10 rounds to a draw. A sprint in the ninth and last rounds in favor of Owens won him an even break.

Charley Mitchell, recently graduated from the amateur ranks, got away to a good start in the professional game against Young Chodo of the North end. Mitchell won in the fifth round, when Chodo's seconds tossed in the towel. Young Buckley defeated Al Gerard in the opening six-round bout, which was a good one.

Freddie Yelle and Frankie Mack will furnish the next attraction for the club at the Grand Opera House.

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