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Thursday, June 17, 2010

1904-06-13 Joe Gans W-TKO4 Sammy Smith (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

1904-06-14 The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA) (page 10)
Referee McGuigan stopped the bout between Joe Gans and Sammy Smith at the National Athletic Club last night in the fourth round, after it had become apparent that the local boy had no chance against the light-weight champion. There were those about the ringside who had small bets down that Smith would stay the limit, who took exception to the referee's action, but in the interest of square sport he could have taken no other course. Smith was practically helpless, and with another punch or two would have gone down for good. It was evident from the start that Smith would depend upon his clever stalling tactics to carry him through the six rounds, and had Gans been far out of condition he might have succeeded. But Gans, though not in condition to battle for the championship, was in fairly good shape, and was not to be beguiled into doing anything foolish.

Whatever there was to choose between the boxers in the first round was in favor of Smith, who landed left-handed jabs on Gans' face repeatedly, but there was little or no steam behind them. There was an interchange of jabs in the second round until about the middle, when Smith was floored with a short left-hander. Regaining his legs, Smith retreated toward the ropes, and when cornered fought back at Gans, and landed once with a swinging right good and hard. Both landed left-handers just before the bell sounded. Smith took the aggressive when they came up for the third round, but only for a while. Gans caught him with a right on the jaw, sending him to the floor for the count. From that on to the finish there was nothing to it. In the fourth Smith changes his tactics, trying a right for the body, which landed with some effect. Then Gans cut loose and rushed Smith, who invariably tied himself in a knot on the ropes. Smith went to the floor four times, and when he came up after the fourth, and it being apparent that he was unable to stall Gans any further, Referee McGuigan stopped the bout. Smith's best work was done when he was in the middle of the ring.

The bout between George Walker and Phil Logan was a whirlwind affair with honors in favor of Walker. Charley Jennings stopped Bob Kerns in the first round.

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