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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1906-05-12 Harry Lewis ND6 Willie Fitzgerald (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

1906-05-26 The National Police Gazette (New York, NY) (page 15)

Harry Lewis and Willie Fitzgerald were the stars in the windup at the National A. C., Philadelphia, on May 12, before a crowded house. The first round was a pretty even affair, Fitz being the aggressor, and Lewis jabbing well. In the second round after sending a left swing to the mouth and body, Fitz got Lewis in a corner and they fought like demons in a fierce mix-up. Fitz was at his best in this, but he tired and Lewis came back well, the round ending in another hot rally. In the third Fitz walked into several straight lefts from Lewis' mitt, but he drove both hands to the latter's body with great force. Again they mixed it in fast shape. Fitz cornered Lewis in the fourth, but he failed to get his right over, owing to Lewis' clever blocking. The fifth round opened up with a rattling mix-up and with a left to the side of the head Lewis went to his knees. He was up at once and Fitz sailed in, but Lewis covered up and both went to their corners tired. Lewis made a great rally in the final round and the three minutes were marked by the hardest kind of exchanges. Considering the fact that Lewis looked bad in the fifth round, his finish was all the more creditable. Fitzgerald was the winner.

In the preliminary bouts Eddie Johnson and Young Netcher fought a draw and Fred Welsh outpointed Jack Readon.

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