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Sunday, June 20, 2010

1913-07-01 Harry Wills D-PTS10 Joe Jeannette (New Orleans, LA, USA)

1913-07-02 The Daily Picayune (New Orleans, LA) (page 10)
Only Gets Draw With Local Black Boxer Willis,
But That Was Because He Wanted Too Long Before Turning Loose His Punch.
Joe Jeanette, who ranks as one of the first of the black negro heavyweights of the world, appeared at the Northside Athletic Club last night before an overflow audience and boxed ten rounds to a draw with Harry Willis, the Darktons slasher.

It was a gruelling fight from the start, with the local Senegambian leading by a pretty fair margin through the eighth round. Heavy blows were given on both sides, and the men stood bravely to the task of battering and smashing in half-clinches for the better part of the time consumed. Jeanette began to show some speed in the ninth, and put over a few rights to the jaw that had a rather depressing effect on the Willis. At the close of the tenth Jeanette was coming strong, and looked as though he would have won had he taken the aggressive early and fought at long range.

Zeno Green was a rather picturesque referee, and his draw decision was popular with the crowd.

The preliminaries saw the usual earnest and sure-enough fighting, so different from the fakey article handed out in some of the white clubs.

Kid Marshall and Little Nick were the principals in the first glove duel, and Little Nick went out for six minutes from a clout in the jaw in the sixth round. One-Round Charlie and Black Ben started in for ten rounds, but Black Ben found the going too fierce and did the laydown act in the third round.

There was the irrepressible rag-time band on hand to make murderous assault on melody, and between the bouts the white fighters who are to participate in the Fourth of July stag were introduced.

1913-07-02 The New Orleans Item (New Orleans, LA) (page 8)
Had Joe Jeanette, the negro heavyweight, who ranks as one of the best colored heavyweights in the country, started his aggressiveness in the early rounds, he would have easily beaten Harry Willis, the local negro heavy, at the Northside Tuesday night. Zeno Green, the referee, called it a draw at the end of the tenth round.

Kid Marshall knocked out Little Nick in the sixth round of the preliminary and Black Ben "laid down" in the third round to One-Round Charley. Black Ben found the going too hard.

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