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Thursday, February 24, 2011

1891-02-24 Dal Hawkins W-KO29 Danny Mahoney [San Jose Athletic Club, San Jose, CA, USA]

1891-02-24 The Evening News (San Jose, CA) (page 3)
A Contest for the Bantam Weight Championship This Evening.

At the San Jose Athletic Club this evening there will be a contest to a finish between Dan Hawkins and Dan Mahoney, both of whom claim the bantam weight championship of the Pacific Coast. It is supposed that this meeting will settle the question. Besides securing the championship the winner will receive $325 and the loser $75. The men are of about equal weight, 115 pounds each. Besides this contest there will be several minor exhibitions this evening.

1891-02-25 The Evening News (San Jose, CA) (page 3)
He Was Worsted by Hawkins in the Glove Contest.

The contest for the bantam weight championship of the Pacific Coast before the San Jose Athletic Club last evening, between Dan Hawkins and Dan Mahoney, resulted in a victory for the former. Twenty-nine rounds were fought. Mahoney was barely able to stand on his feet, and he was almost entirely at the mercy of Hawkins during the last few rounds.

1891-02-25 The Record-Union (Sacramento, CA) (page 1)
Dan Mahoney Knocked Out by Dan Hawkins--Both Participants Badly Punished.

Special to the Record-Union.

San Jose, Feb. 24.--The fight for the Pacific Coast bantam-weight championship before the San Jose Athletic Club to-night between Dan Hawkins and Dan Mahoney resulted in a victory for the former in the twenty-ninth round. The fight was hard-contested and the best one ever seen in this city.

At the start it seemed that Mahoney was the winner. He did all the fighting, made frequent rushes and kept Hawkins in his own corner most of the time. He kept leading for Hawkins' heart, landing so often that the flesh assumed a blood-red tinge. Finally he abandoned those tactics and paid more attention to Hawkins' jaw, endeavoring to get in a knockout blow. He landed frequently, but with not enough force. He did considerable damage to Hawkins' face, however, as the left side is badly swollen and the left eye nearly closed.

All the rounds previous to the twenty-first seemed in Mahoney's favor, but in this Hawkins took more of the aggressive, and succeeded so well that confidence was inspired, and when time was called for the twenty-second he commenced pounding Mahoney hard. Mahoney was still strong, and the honors were about even until the twenty-fifth, when Mahoney showed some signs of aggressiveness. Hawkins saw his advantage, and rushed his opponent, but Mahoney was not a quitter, and showed that he had lots of fight still in him. He fought hard, but his strength was not equal to the necessity, as he had done too much work at the first. He continued getting groggier and groggier.

In the twenty-seventh it was seen that Hawkins had his man whipped, but though he punched Mahoney right and left, he was not able to down him.

In the twenty-eighth he pushed Mahoney hard and knocked him down once. The call of time saved Mahoney, and his seconds carried him to his corner.

He was able to get to the center of the ring in the twenty-ninth, but in bad shape, and Hawkins rained blows right and left upon him, finally landing a terrible right-hander on the jaw, and Mahoney went down. He made an effort to rise, and succeeded in getting to a sitting posture, but was unable to get upon his feet, and was counted out.

Hawkins' friends were wild with excitement, and carried him to the dressing-room on their shoulders. Hawkins' face is in bad shape. The left eye is closed, the left cheek badly swollen, there is a big swelling under the left ear, and the lower lip is skinned and swollen.

Mahoney is in an equally bad condition. His face is all swollen and skinned, and he has skinned places on his body.

The purse was $400, of which Hawkins gets $325 and Mahoney the remainder. The club rooms were crowded, and there was great enthusiasm throughout the fight.

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