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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1918-08-19 Sam Langford W-KO9 Roughhouse Willy Ware [Ball park, Tulsa, OK, USA]

1918-08-20 Tulsa Daily World (Tulsa, OK) (page 10)
Boston Tar Baby Sends Roughhouse Kid From New Orleans Through Ropes.
Tulsans Amuse Crowd With Fast Bouts; Big Crowd Witnesses Battle at Ball Park.
Sam Langford, the "Boston Tar Baby," won in the ninth round from "Roughhouse" Willy Ware of New Orleans in the fistic encounter staged at the ball park last night by "Billy" McClain. Langford had things all his own way through the battle but Ware had staying qualities and put up a good stiff fight against the renowned negro pugilist. In the ninth, however, Langford got a straight drive home between the eyes which sent Ware tumbling through the ropes out into the audience. It was a hard blow and when it reached its destination it was good-bye and good night for the roughhouse kid.

Langford showed that he still has a good punch and that he has not lost the cunning which for years kept him at the top notch in the pugilistic arena.

The battle kept the spectators in a good humor all the way through, for Langford is quite a comedian besides being a fighter, and his remarks and antics pleased the big crowd.

The crowd was large and all present were repaid for their money.

In the preliminaries, which were lightning goes, Tommy Dearing of Texarkana and "Young Starlight" of Tulsa, both negroes, fought six rounds to a draw. Nathaniel Jones and Dritt Simms of Tulsa fought four rounds to a draw.

1918-08-24 The Tulsa Star (Tulsa, OK) (page 4)
Sam Langford, the noted "Boston Tar Baby" of pugilistic fame, spoiled all the hopes of "Rough House" Ware of New Orleans, here Monday night when Sam knocked his opponent through the ropes for the fatal count in the 9th round of a scheduled 15-round bout. Both men were in excellent condition and for a while it looked like the New Orleans man would hold his own with the famous ring general, but this speculation was put at naught when Langford let himself out and ended the fight in the first half of the ninth.

Langford left Tuesday evening for St. Louis to box Battling Jim Johnson Thursday night.

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