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Friday, May 21, 2010

1904-11-03 Jack Blackburn ND6 Joe Grim (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

1904-11-04 The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA) (page 10)

Blackburn Has the Italian Champion Looking Bad in Fifth Round.

Joe Grim took a pounding from the hands of Jack Blackburn last night in the wind-up at the Broadway Athletic Club that he will remember for a long time. The Italian marvel was severely punished in the last two rounds and there were not many spectators in the big crowd who thought Joe would respond for the bell in the sixth. Just after the fifth round opened Blackburn sent Joe to his knees with a short right hand hook, the blow splitting open an ugly cut under the left eye. Grim stayed down for the limit and when he arose the blood was streaming from the cut. He was wobbly on his pins and Blackburn, anxious to accomplish what all other boxers have failed to do, namely a knockout, went after the Italian with a vicious aggressiveness. He punched Joe unmercifully and the pride of Little Italy was a sorry spectacle as he wobbled around the ring covered with his own gore and practically defenseless. It looked as if Joe's time in the ring had come at last and even the police made an attempt to stop the bout.

Before they could get to the ring Joe's old time bravo had appeared and he was jumping around the ring in a tired sort of manner. Blackburn tried hard to stop the human punching bag, but the bell was a timely interferer for Joe and he took his corner looking like an Indian. The minute's rest worked wonders, for when he shook hands his stamina asserted itself. To show that he was as gallus as ever he danced around Blackburn for a few seconds after the round had started. Jack took things rather easy and Joe to the surprise of the crowd cut out the gait. It did not last long, as tired nature asserted itself and Joe fell back to defensive fighting. Jack seemed to let up on his opponent, as he only went after Joe at a slow clip. Joe's punishment was severe but to show that he was as spry he was the first out of the ring when the bell rang.

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