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Monday, April 18, 2011

1911-04-18 Al Delmont W-PTS12 Monte Attell [Armory Athletic Association, Boston, MA, USA]

1911-04-19 The Boston Journal (Boston, MA) (page 9)
Mill Slow Compared With Former One Between Same Men.
Buck Crouse Matched to Meet Ted Nelson, Australian Champion.
Albert Delmont was given the decision over Monte Attell at the end of twelve rounds in the main bout at the Armory A. A. last night in a somewhat slow and uninteresting bout. Delmont won by no large margin, but Referee Flaherty was justified in giving the verdict to the local Italian. As usual Monte Attell made a howl over the decision.

Maffitt Flaherty was given the mild laugh by the fairly large gathering present when he awarded the bout to Delmont at the end of the eleventh round, Maffitt thinking that the twelve rounds had been completed. The bout had to go the scheduled twelve rounds of course, but Attell could not overcome Delmont's slight lead.

It was a stupid bout to watch compared with the contest of a week ago between the same men. Once more Attell demonstrated that he could not stop a straight left lead and Monte lost valuable time by depending too much on kidney punches.

Attell is a poor apology for a prospective featherweight champion, and is a poor judge of distance and lacks the punch. Had he been anywhere near what he is cracked up to be he would have beaten Delmont last night, as Al was far from his real form.

In the preliminary bouts there were three contests in which there was good, bad and indifferent boxing. In the opening bout Billy Corrigon of Cambridge, the former amateur who made his initial appearance in the professional ranks won the decision over Jack Brown of California in six rounds. Corrigan earned the decision, although Brown was far from out-classed.

Joe White of South Boston defeated Young Jasper of the North End in one of the best preliminary bouts seen at the Armory A. A. for several weeks. Jasper showed exceptional cleverness, but White proved to be the better fighter and dropped Jasper for the count of eight in the final round.

The scheduled bout between Young McDonough of Manchester, N. H., and Tom Foley of South Boston did not materialize, as McDonough quit out of the match and Mark Conley of South Boston and Joe Egan of Boston substituted. Conley won the decision at the end of eight rounds and it was a bout well worth watching. Egan looked to have a chance until the opening of the sixth round, but Conley came with a rush in the closing rounds and was entitled to the decision.

The program announced for next week is as follows: Buck Crouse of Pittsburg v. Ted Nelson of Australia, Bert Keyes of New York v. Mickey McIntyre of Nova Scotia. Fighting Joe Nelson of Lawrence v. Jimmy Lyons of Cambridge and Mike Conroy of South Boston v. Willie O'Brien of Cambridge.

1911-04-19 The Evening Times (Pawtucket, RI) (page 2)
Delmont Again Outscores Attell
Boston Featherweight's Margin Over Monte Very Small--Californian Shows Up After Tenth.
BOSTON, April 19.--While Al Delmont of Boston again got the decision over Monte Attell of San Francisco last night in their 12-round bout at the Armory A. A., there is no doubt that the pair are as evenly matched a pair as can be found in any class.

Delmont just nosed out the decision at the same club a week ago, and the result of the bout last night was even closer. Many agreed with the referee and others thought that Attell was entitled to the hairline award. Some argued that a draw would have been the proper verdict.

While the bout last night was not as exciting as the previous one, it was fought on about the same lines. Delmont did considerable jabbing and Attell did some hard countering on the body with both hands.

At times Delmont's blows were more on the push order, but there was a string to those of Attell's, until the 11th round. The latter snapped some stiff lefts to Delmont's face and both shot some good rights to the face and jaw. They had a few hot exchanges and swapped rights and lefts to the face and body.

The last two rounds were a repetition of the bout last week. Delmont started in the 11th round to carry the work to Attell and the latter appeared to slow up. In rapid fashion, Delmont shoved lefts into Attell's face and banged the right to the body and face. Attell placed some right counters on Delmont's ribs, but most of his blows were blocked by Delmont. At the end of the round, Referee Flaherty thought it was the end of the contest and pointed to Delmont as the winner, so the fans knew then who would get the award after the next and last round if Attell did not outscore Delmont.

Delmont continued the same kind of boxing in the last round and Attell did not do any better work than he had in the 11th session. Delmont was given the decision.

While it looked as if Attell had some advantage in weight, both men weighed under 120 pounds at 5 o'clock last night.

Attell showed himself a very fair boxer. When he slipped to the floor and some rosin got on his gloves he would not resume boxing until he rubbed it off.

In the opening preliminary Bill Corrigan of Cambridge won the decision over Jack Brown of San Francisco after six hard rounds. The six-round bout between Joe White of South Boston and Young Jasper was another strenuous contest. White got the award.

The eight-round bout between Mark Connelly of South Boston and Joe Eagan of the South End was a fast contest, replete with hard hitting. Connelly was given the decision.

The programme for the meeting next week includes a 12-round bout between Buck Crouse, the clever Pittsburg middleweight, and Ted Nelson of Australia, a 12-round bout between Mickey McIntyre of Nova Scotia and Bert Keyes of New York and six-round bouts between Mike Conroy of South Boston and W. O'Brien of Cambridge and Jimmy Lyons of Cambridge and Joe Nelson of Lawrence.

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