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Sunday, April 17, 2011

1917-04-17 Mike O'Dowd W-PTS12 Frank Carbone [Armory Athletic Association, Boston, MA, USA]

1917-04-18 The Boston Daily Globe (Boston, MA) (page 6)
St Paul Boxer Hits as He Pleases at the A. A. A.
Mike O'Dowd of St. Paul was given the decision last night over Frank Carbone of New York in 12 rounds at the Armory A. A.

Carbone is a strong rugged boxer, but displayed no science and did his hitting with the open glove.

O'Dowd hit him often with both hands and got few blows back. Several times O'Dowd had Carbone wobbly, but he managed to stick it out.

The semifinal between Tony Vatlin and Mickey Brown was a good bout and the club rematched the pair for another 10-round meeting next Tuesday. Once Brown landed a right to the jaw that made Vatlin groggy, but the latter, by holding and stalling, weathered the round out.

After that Vatlin landed his left frequently on Brown's ribs, occasionally stabbing him in the face with his right. Vatlin got the decision at the end of 10 rounds.

Young Chodo of the North End, substituting for Eddie Ford, went against Young Giani of Lawrence, who must have weighed fully 25 pounds more than his opponent. Chodo gave Giani a hard battle but the latter won the award at the end of six rounds.

The curtain-raiser between Young Buckley of South Boston and Young Geary of Revere, was a lively bout, Buckley getting the decision.

The club will hold its meeting next Tuesday night in the Grand Opera House. Young Britt and Joe Morgan will meet in the feature bout.

1917-04-18 The Boston Journal (Boston, MA) (page 8)
Victor Looked Like Boxer in Comparison to Vanquished.

By Jack Malaney

Mike O'Dowd of St. Paul defeated Frank Carbone of New York in the final bout of the opening at the Arena last night. It was a tough contest, a very tough one--a tough one to have had for an opening show. Its poorness didn't disappoint many people, though, for not many more than 800 or so turned out, many of whom were "guests."

Carbone has little as a boxer. He was reputed as being a rough and tough mixer. Against him O'Dowd looked a champion, which is saying sufficient to show how good Carbone was not. It has been shown on at least two occasions here what O'Dowd amounts to.

The semi-final 10-rounder in which Tony Vatlin beat Mickey Brown was the life-saver for the show. This pair of 122-pounders went at it hot and heavy all the way. In the fifth, Mickey had Tony out on his feet but was too cautious to continue the job. Tony came back and was fast to the finish.

Young Gianni of Lawrence, outweighing his man by 20 pounds, got a win over Young Chodo of the North End in one of the sixes. The final bell saved Chodo from being stopped. Young Buckley won from Young Geary in the opening six-rounder.

1917-04-18 The Evening Times (Pawtucket, RI) (page 6)
BOSTON, April 18.--Frank Carbone, the New York middleweight, last night proved as a fighter that he was a good punching bag for Mike O'Dowd of St. Paul. For 12 rounds O'Dowd, who beat Carbone in similar fashion at Marieville, R. I., some time ago, plastered the New Yorker from one side of the ring to the other, winning the decision by a wide margin. The victim substituted for Bob McAllister.

Outside of his wonderful physique, Carbone had little else to recommend him. He was willing and game enough, but what he doesn't know about fighting would fill a library. The contest was of the tiresome sort, sluggish and rough.

Brown Loses to Vatlan.

Mickey Brown and Tony Vatlan fought one of the best 10-round contests seen between featherweights. The long lay-off did Brown no good, and it was some time before he got warmed up. When he did he made the going good, but Vatlan won the decision. They were rematched right over again for another 10-round bout for next Tuesday night, when the club will hold a show at the Grand Opera House quarters.

Young Chodo of the North End was sent in against Young Gianni of Lawrence, and the latter won in a six-round bout. Gianni looked too heavy and the handicap was too much for the local man. The latter was on the floor taking the count in the sixth round when the bell announced the finish of the contest.

Young Buckley defeated Young Geary in a fast six-round bout.

The feature contest next week will be a 12-round bout between Frankie Britt and Joe Morgan for the featherweight championship of New England. Alec MacLean has a chance to annex two titles within two weeks, as one week from Monday night, at Taunton, Freddie Yelle, the Taunton lightweight, will meet Young Blades in a 12-round bout for the lightweight championship of New England.

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