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Monday, May 2, 2011

1910-05-02 Philadelphia Jack O'Brien ND10 Mike Schreck [Navarre Athletic Club, Lexington Opera House, Lexington, KY, USA]

1910-05-03 The Lexington Herald (Lexington, KY) (page 5)
Cincinnati Man Appears In Poor Condition for His Skillful Opponent
Tony Ross and Al Kaufman Send Challenges By Wire to Winner
Weighing 167 pounds to 195 for his opponent, Philadelphia Jack O'Brien clearly out-pointed Mike Schreck Monday night in a ten round exhibition before the Navarre Athletic Club at the Lexington Opera House. O'Brien was in the pink of condition, while Schreck was clearly overweight, although in a speech after the contest he declared that he had taken off fifteen pounds since learning of the fight a few weeks ago.

O'Brien gave Schreck credit for a hard, game effort, but winked as he said he was not hurt. Schreck left the house with a bad eye and a somewhat cut face, but was not seriously the worse for wear. O'Brien was not scratched, apparently, as he was much the cleverer of the two and with the advantage in reach was usually away when Schreck's fierce uppercuts got under way.

No Decision Given.

Referee E. R. Sweetland gave no decision, but there was not at any time after the second round any doubt about the superiority of O'Brien. Schreck was attended in his corner by Harry Wuest, Charlie Muller, Toney West and Charlie Wobst. O'Brien had Jack Hagan, Barney Furey and Boxer Sullivan in his corner.

The main exhibition of the evening was a "break clean" affair and there was little playing for time. Challenges were read for the winner from Tony Ross and Al Kaufman.

First Preliminary a Joke.

The first preliminary was a four-round joke between two colored boys, Henry Smith of Richmond, Ind., and Whitney Johnson of Lexington. The men walked around the ring and occasionally slapped each other. Only the wild swings that missed and the taps on the black backs were exciting enough to be interesting.

The second event, between Andy Bezenah of Cincinnati and Charlie Wobst of Covington, was as good as the main show. The men were permitted to hit with one arm free and they were doing business all the time. When the men weighed in at 3 o'clock Bezenah tipped 133 pounds, three pounds heavier than Wobst, and he looked much the stronger.

Wobst Game Throughout.

But the boy from Covington was game to the core and came back hard in every round. He had more ability and the go was a popular draw. Bezenah continued to use his right hand and let openings for his left go by. After the go it was announced that in the first round he had broken his left arm just above the wrist and it was immediately set by two physicians. He never winced during the contest.

William Stanford of Lexington and Jack Hagan of Philadelphia sent in challenges before the go and appeared for introduction, as did the two men who will appear before the Stag Athletic Club Wednesday night.

The Schreck-O'Brien contest by rounds was as follows:

The Fight By Rounds

Round one.--After two clinches O'Brien straightened left to the jaw and sent right to stomach. O'Brien swung left and right to face. Schreck exchanged wallops with O'Brien to face, and jabbed right to face. O'Brien whipped left to stomach. Both swung rights to face. O'Brien sent left to face and immediately followed with right. O'Brien swung left to stomach. O'Brien had best of round.

Round two.--After an exchange of lefts to face O'Brien jammed right to mouth. Exchange of rights to jaw. Exchange of lefts to stomach. O'Brien landed with right on jaw and Schreck countered to chin, following with left to jaw. O'Brien swung right twice to jaw and followed with two left jabs to eye. Schreck swung uppercut to stomach and missed two swings for face. Schreck missed right swing for face and landed left on jaw. O'Brien jabbed left to mouth and exchanged blows to stomach. O'Brien sent left to mouth. Schreck missed left and right swings for face. Schreck left uppercut to kidneys. Round even.

Round three.--Schreck whipped right to stomach and exchanged jabs to stomach. O'Brien hammered jaw with left and sent right and left to mouth. O'Brien sent left to eye and right to mouth. Schreck swung on jaw. Schreck missed left swing to jaw. O'Brien jammed right to stomach following with right to chin and right to jaw. Schreck jabbed left to jaw. O'Brien missed two rights for face. O'Brien slammed right to jaw. O'Brien missed two swings and landed left on face as gong sounded. O'Brien's round.

Round four.--Schreck missed right uppercut and whipped left to face. Schreck landed right and left on jaw. O'Brien missed right swing to face but followed with right to jaw and right on heart. After exchange to stomach Schreck landed right on eye. Schreck whipped uppercut to jaw and right uppercut to stomach. Fast infighting gave Schreck the best of it. O'Brien sent right hard to heart and Schreck countered with left to jaw, lightly. Round was even.

Round five.--O'Brien sent right to jaw and both missed hard swings with left and right for face. Schreck swung left to jaw and was countered with right to heart. O'Brien sent right to jaw and Schreck missed two right uppercuts. O'Brien swung four times with left and right to face. O'Brien jabbed left to face. Schreck sent left to face and after an exchange to jaw received right in eye. Both swung wildly. Round was O'Brien's.

Round six.--Schreck sent right to heart and left to face, then two rights to heart. O'Brien whipped right to eye and right to heart. Schreck's left eye nearly shut. O'Brien sent three left jabs to eye. Schreck swung left to face. O'Brien brought blood with right to nose. O'Brien crashed right to eye and received jab on stomach. O'Brien jabbed right into eye and missed left swing. O'Brien sent right and left to eye continually as gong sounded. O'Brien's round.

Round seven.--O'Brien uppercuts to chin. Schreck led left and right to face and exchanged jabs to jaw. Schreck whipped left to side and got hard left on eye. O'Brien landed on heart and chest and face with rights and lefts, then hammered side with left. Schreck sent stiff left to stomach. O'Brien's round.

Round eight.--O'Brien uppercut right to chin. Schreck countered to heart. O'Brien sent right to stomach and eye. Schreck hit to stomach with left and missed hard swing for face. O'Brien swung right on ear. Schreck whipped left and right and left to kidneys. O'Brien missed right swing and sent right to eye twice. Schreck jabbed left to stomach and was staggered with right on ear. O'Brien's round.

Round nine.--Schreck missed two swings for kidneys and received left on chin. Schreck gave right on kidneys for two on eye. O'Brien slammed right to mouth and left to nose, getting right on stomach. O'Brien staggered Schreck with wallop to chest that made the Dutchman grunt. Schreck exchanged right uppercut to stomach for right jab to eye. O'Brien sent right and left and right to eye. O'Brien kept hammering on eye and received right on back. O'Brien whipped left to eye and got right on face. O'Brien's round.

Round ten.--Both men fast. Schreck right to jaw. O'Brien left to face. Schreck left to jaw and O'Brien cautious. O'Brien right to chin. O'Brien left to eye. Schreck missed two swings. O'Brien missed swing and sent right to jaw. O'Brien exchanged right to mouth for right uppercut to stomach. Schreck missed with wild swing and clinched, working for time. O'Brien sent three rights and a left to jaw, then whipped right to eye. Schreck held to keep from staggering. O'Brien tired but forced the fighting. O'Brien two rights to jaw. Gong. O'Brien's round.

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