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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1912-05-09 Packey McFarland W-RTD5 Johnny Connolly [Colonial Athletic Association, Fall River, MA, USA]

1912-05-10 The Boston Journal (Boston, MA) (page 9)
Packey Makes Connolly Run Away in Fifth Round
Fall River, May 9.--The ludicrous sight of a so-called champion boxer scampering through the ropes to seek the seclusion of a dressingroom was presented here tonight when Packey McFarland of Chicago made Johnny Connolly, alleged Scotch champion, quit at the close of the fifth round.

The bout was scheduled to go ten rounds, but from the outset it was apparent that Packey had his man whipped. He toyed with Connolly, jabbing, punching and man-handling him at will. Connolly never laid a glove on McFarland's head or body, but took his medicine patiently till the close of the fifth, when he clambered out of the ring to escape punishment.

1912-05-10 The Evening Standard (Ogden, UT) (page 2)
Fall River, Mass., May 10.--Johnnie Connolly, the Scotch lightweight champion, showed the white feather in the middle of what was to have been a ten-round bout with Packey McFarland, the Chicago lightweight, before 2000 members of the Colonial A. A. and their friends last night.

He acted like a beaten man in first confronting his opponent, who treated him as a novice on discovering his weakness and turned the contest into a burlesque.

During the five rounds Connolly landed but two blows that were at all effective.

Before the bell rang for the sixth round, without saying a word to his managers or trainers, he jumped over the ropes and beat it for the dressing room and refused to continue.

1912-05-10 The Evening Times (Pawtucket, RI) (page 2)
Runs Away from Packy McFarland After Fifth Round of Fall River Bout.
FALL RIVER, Mass., May 10.--Packey McFarland was so far ahead of Johnny Connolly of Boston, former champion of Scotland, in their 10-round bout last night before the Colonial Club that it was a farce. Connolly was scared to death before he entered the ring and after serving as a punching bag for five rounds he sneaked through the ropes and beat it for the dressing room during the minute rest between the fifth and sixth rounds. His manager and seconds intercepted him and attempted to drag him back into the ring, but the Scot raised his hands as if to say "Never again," and continued on his way amid the hoots of the 2000 bugs assembled.

Packey was a revelation to local fans, his jabs and swings reaching their mark each time. What little footwork he displayed was marvelous. Connolly landed lightly once or twice in the whole five rounds, while McFarland beat a steady tattoo on the face and body of his opponent and could have put him away easily any time he desired after the gong sounded in the first round.

1912-05-10 The Lowell Sun (Lowell, MA) (page 9)
FALL RIVER, May 10.--Packey McFarland, the Chicago Whirlwind, gave a five-round exhibition here last night against Johnny Connolly, announced as the champion of Scotland. The bout was slated to go ten rounds, but at the end of the fifth round Connolly ran out of the ring.

He had been smashed all over the ring for 15 minutes and he concluded that he would not be made a mark any longer. He knew that he was outclassed and no one denied that fact. As soon as the bell rang at the end of the fifth, Connolly walked to his corner and then started to crawl through the ropes. He managed to get half-way through, when his manager caught hold of him and tried to keep him from starting for the dressing room. He persisted, however, and finally broke away from his trainer and ran for his clothes.

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