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Friday, June 3, 2011

1889-06-03 George Dixon L-DQ2 George Wright [Parnell Athletic Club, Boston, MA, USA)

1889-06-04 The Boston Daily Globe (Boston, MA) (page 2)
Opening Night of Parnell Athletic Club.
The Parnell Athletic Club's inaugural meeting was held last evening at its gymnasium, 40 Kneeland street. Over 200 members were present. The gymnasium is one of the best in the city, is well ventilated and can comfortably seat over 400 persons. It is also well equipped, and the apparatus is admirably arranged. On the wall next to the ring is one of the new timekeeping clocks, such as is used at the California Athletic Club. When the minute rest allowed the sparrers is up a gong rings, and when the three minutes allowed for sparring is ended the gong again rings. This machine cost about $400, and does away with the usual timekeepers.

The programme of the evening included four boxing contests and a club swinging exhibition. The first of the boxing events was between young Isaacson of South Boston and young Ward of England. During the 10 rounds Ward had clearly the best of the contest, but the referee awarded the contest to Isaacson.

O'Connell and Herty of the North end then had a four-round set-to, that was very lively and interesting.

After Morris Cronin had shown how admirably he could swing clubs. George Bush and Jim Godfrey were introduced. They were to have sparred 15 rounds for a $300 trophy, but it lasted only five rounds. As soon as Bush had sparred a minute the members were satisfied that he had no show whatever with Godfrey. Bush failing to respond when the gong sounded for the fifth round, Godfrey was declared the winner.

The other event was to have been a 10-round set-to between George Dixon and Frank Maguire, but the latter failed to put in an appearance, and George Wright, the champion bantamweight of Canada, agreed to spar Dixon six rounds. Dixon had everything his own way from the start. In the second round he pounded Wright so hard that the Canadian appeared to be anxious to quit. As soon as the gong announced the end of the round, Dixon forgot himself and struck Wright two blows in the face. Wright pulled off the gloves and left the ring, while the members began to yell "foul." Wright was induced to again enter the ring, and the referee awarded him the contest on a foul.

In any other club the claim of foul would not have been allowed, and Wright "gave up" when he left the ring. At the next meeting of the club, Tommy McCarthy, the Woburn middleweight, will spar 15 rounds with George Smith of Boston.

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