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Friday, June 3, 2011

1900-06-01 Charles Kid McCoy W-TKO13 Jack Bonner [Broadway Athletic Club, New York, NY, USA]

1900-06-02 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) (page 14)
Kid McCoy Disposes of Bonner in Thirteen Rounds.
Kid McCoy won at the Broadway Athletic Club last evening, but not with the same ease with which he has been putting them away during the past few months. His opponent last evening was Jack Bonner of Summit, Pa., and was considered to be one of the easiest that the Kid has had to contend with in some time. They were announced to box twenty-five rounds at 158 pounds, but it was evident when they stripped for action that neither was anywhere near that weight. Bonner was heavier than McCoy by more than ten pounds and could not have been less than 175 pounds. The Kid looked to be in superb shape when he danced about Bonner in the opening round, seemingly content with blocking Bonner's leads--without a punch. The crowd thought that he was simply waiting to get an opening and win with a punch. It was soon seen, however, that the Kid had more than a little fear of the Pennsylvanian, notwithstanding the smile on his face. He would not take a chance and fought cautiously. His judgment of distance when he did try was bad and as the bout progressed he held but little more than his own.

Bonner cut both his eyes early in the bout and in the eighth round scored a clean knock down with a right on the jaw. The Kid was up immediately. He lost his head and rushed at Bonner, butting him in the face, for which he was cautioned. From here on Bonner lost steam, and although he landed many a blow the Kid forged ahead and used both hands on face and body, cutting Bonner's face badly. He uppercut, jabbed and crossed Bonner until the crowd, out of pity, called for Bonner to be taken off.

Bonner stuck to it gamely, but weakened fast, and in the last couple of rounds fell to the floor several times from body blows. In the thirteenth, shortly after the bell rang, he went down with another right on the body and was so far gone that his seconds threw up the sponge to save a knockout. McCoy was declared the winner.

The preliminary was an exceptionally clever exhibition between Alf Levy of New York and Danny Smith of Brooklyn, for twelve rounds at 110 pounds. The bout pleased the crowd immensely, and the referee at the end decided that Levy had won.

1900-06-02 The New York Times (New York, NY) (page 11)
Another Victory for McCoy.

Kid McCoy added another to his long list of fistic victories at the Broadway Athletic Club last night, when he forced Jack Bonner of Summit, Penn., to give up in thirteen rounds. Bonner's seconds were forced to throw up the sponge in order to save their man from being knocked out.

Bonner proved to be game to the core, and it took all of McCoy's cleverness and hard-hitting capabilities to bring the big miner down. It was a fast and clever boxing exhibition, and the loser deserves much praise, for he put up a splendid fight.

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