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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1906-06-07 Jack Blackburn ND6 Kid Wilson [Broadway Athletic Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA]

1906-06-08 The Evening Times (Pawtucket, RI) (page 2)
Not Easy for Blackburn.

PHILADELPHIA, June 8.--Jack Blackburn bested Kid Wilson in the wind-up at the Broadway A. C. last night. It was a hard fight all the way through and Wilson kept Blackburn on the go all the time, and in the fourth round landed a right swing which sent Jack to the floor. Jack used his left jab with telling effect and had things rather easy in the first two rounds, but in the third and fourth Wilson fought hard and had the advantage. From them on it was Blackburn's fight, but he did not win in any easy manner.

1906-06-08 The Philadelphia Record (Philadelphia, PA) (page 11)
Orange Lad Knocked Jack Down in the Fourth Round.

Jack Blackburn defeated Kid Wilson, of Orange, N. J., in a fast six round bout at the Broadway Athletic Club last night. But Blackburn did not have it all his own way, for Wilson proved a tough customer, and he made Blackburn hustle every inch of the way. Blackburn had the advantage in height and reach, but there was little difference in the weight, as Wilson is a stocky-built chap. The Philadelphia boxer had all the best of the first round. He jabbed Wilson repeatedly, and at the end of the round Wilson was bleeding from the nose. In the second and third rounds things were about the same. In the fourth round Wilson pulled himself together and, catching Blackburn on the point of the jaw, dropped him to the mat. Jack was up quickly and a few seconds later he put Wilson down. Wilson boxed hard in the fifth and made Blackburn use all his cleverness. In the sixth round they mixed it up fiercely and went at it hammer and tongs. Blackburn dropped Wilson twice, but the Kid would not stay down, and was up quick and soon was fighting back as hard as he could. They were at it hard when the bell rang.

After the bout Wilson claimed that six rounds was too short a distance for him against Blackburn owing to the latter's cleverness, but he believed he could beat Blackburn in a long contest.

In the semi-wind-up Buck Lincoln defeated Joe Kain in four rounds. Boxer Kelly defeated Young Lancey in three rounds. Kid Ross had the best of a six-round bout with Young Carter. Jack Kain defeated Kid Selb in three rounds. Peter Lowrie defeated Jimmy Wilson in four rounds.

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