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Thursday, June 16, 2011

1921-06-15 Johnny Dundee W-PTS12 Jimmy Hanlon [Pioneer Sporting Club, New York, NY, USA]

1921-06-16 New-York Tribune (New York, NY) (page 15)
Dundee Gains Judges' Decision Over Hanlon

Johnny Dundee was in fine shape last night in his battle with Jimmy Hanlon at the Pioneer A. C., bewildering the Denver boy with his clever boxing and constantly using a left hook to good effect. At the end of the twelve rounds the judges readily agreed on Dundee as the winner. In the ninth round Johnny sent Hanlon to the canvas with a clean left hook to the jaw, and when Jimmy got up at the count of two, he had a badly swollen lip.

Hanlon tried to outbox Dundee early in the bout, but was battered into submission in every round. In the seventh session he tried a slugging game, but Dundee came right back and outslugged him.

1921-06-16 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) (page S2)
Johnny Dundee Gives Hanlon a Boxing Lesson

Johnny Dundee, shifty as ever, gave Jimmy Hanlon, the Denver veteran, a nifty lacing in the Pioneer S. C. last night. Hanlon was on the receiving end in every round, and he very seldom laid a glove on his elusive Italian opponent. On the good showing he made against Willie Jackson in the same ring a month ago. Hanlon was given a chance against Dundee, but the Western lad was up against a decidedly different proposition, and he never did fathom Dundee's jumping-jack tactics.

In only one round, the seventh, did Hanlon show a flash, and here he outfought Dundee in a fierce mixup, making Johnny clinch to avoid punishment. But Dundee immediately after was right on top again, and he landed enough lefts to keep a comptometer busy adding them up. In the ninth round Dundee caught Hanlon with a wicked left that put the Denver lad down for a couple of seconds. The bell was welcome music to the Westerner in this session. Dundee weighed 132 and Hanlon 132½.

In the semi-final Johnny Darcy, who is one of the best of the second division lightweights boxing around these parts, won his third consecutive victory in the Pioneer Club. This time Dick Stosh of Cleveland was the victim. Stosh lasted the 12-round route, but he was a badly beaten lad at the finish. This bout took the place of the scheduled heavyweight battle between Al Roberts and Bill Schellinger.

Sammy Schiff, an East Side lightweight of evident ability, was awarded the decision by Referee Danny Sullivan in his bout with Johnny Marto, because of Marto's foul work. Schiff was giving Marto a severe beating, and Johnny was warned for hitting low several times. In the fifth round Marto, half blinded--his left eye was completely closed--swung a right from his knee and it landed very low. Schiff fell and writhed on the floor with pain, and Marto was properly disqualified.

In the other bouts Al Boyle beat Ole Miller in six rounds, and Marcel Badeau and Harry Harris fought a six-round draw.

1921-06-16 The Evening Telegram (New York, NY) (page S1)
Johnny Dundee Easily Beats Jimmy Hanlon
Jumping Johnny Dundee, the Scotch Wop, took Jimmy Hanlon, of Denver, Colo., over the hurdles last night at the Pioneer Sporting Club and won an easy decision from the Westerner in the main twelve-round bout. Johnny, in the pink of condition at 132 pounds, his opponent a half-pound heavier, never was in danger and had the Denverite so confused he was unable to hit where Dundee was.

The ruggedness of Dick Storsch, a Clevelander, saved him from a knockout at the hands of Johnny Darcy, of the West Side, in the semi-final twelve-round go. Darcy was awarded the decision.

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