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Friday, June 17, 2011

1907-06-17 Jack Blackburn ND6 Terry Martin [Washington Sporting Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA]

1907-06-18 The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA) (page 9)
By Great Effort Blackburn Permits Martin to Stay Six Rounds

Jack Blackburn had the time of his career at the Washington Sporting Club last night in his wind-up with Terry Martin. He had gone through many a tough mill in his brief, but meteoric experience, but never before has he been compelled to utilize all his resources. But he was game--game as a pebble, and though he was a footsore, tired and weary he won out. Martin was there at the sound of the bell at the end of the sixth round, and the sure thing players who wagered as high as 2 to 1 that Martin would stay had a shake fest.

In the semi wind-up Jack Roller, of Brooklyn, stopped Johnny Murray, of this city, in three rounds. In the preliminaries, Bobby O'Neil and Tony Haney boxed a fast six-round draw. Harry Brady, of Shamokin, and Harry Carton, of this city, also boxed a draw, and Kid Kelly, of Brooklyn, and Tommy Stone, of this city, went the limit with honors even.

1907-06-18 The Philadelphia Record (Philadelphia, PA) (page 8)
Colored Boxer Could Not Stop the Tough Little Dane.

Jack Blackburn defeated Terry Martin at the Washington Sporting Club last night, but he could not stop the tough little Dane, who was there doing business at the end of the sixth round, although he was minus four of his front teeth which Blackburn had knocked out during the progress of the contest. After the speedy manner in which Blackburn had put away Fred Bradley it was expected that he would make short work of Martin. Although he hit Terry almost as he pleased during the contest, he was never able to land a blow on the right spot, although he had Martin holding in every round and had Terry's nose and mouth bleeding. Blackburn seemed to be too anxious to end the bout with one punch, and he missed a dozen swinging blows that he aimed at Terry's jaw. There were times when it looked as if the colored boxer was too easy with Martin, for when he would have a chance to land a blow he would draw it back without hitting him. Martin did very little boxing during the progress of the contest outside of the sixth round. He seemed contented to stay and take the punishment. When he was getting it hard he held on and kept his jaws and stomach covered. In the last round, however, Martin made a good rally and fought Blackburn blow for blow for about half the round, and then he went weak, or was satisfied with what he had done, for he started holding again and covering till the end of the round.

In the semi-wind-up Jack Roller stopped Johnny Murray in four rounds. Tony Haney and Bobby O'Neill boxed a hard draw, both being nearly all in in the last round. Tommy Stone and Harry Kelly boxed a draw, as did also Ed Carton and Young Grady.

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