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Friday, June 3, 2011

1894-06-02 Jimmy Barry W-TKO11 Jimmy Gorman [Olympic Club, New Orleans, LA, USA]

1894-06-03 The Daily Item (New Orleans, LA) (page 4)
Barry, the Chicago Boy, Puts Him Out in Eleven Rounds.

James Gorman, the champion bantam weight of Patterson, N. J., was defeated at the Olympic Club last night by James Barry, Chicago's champion of that class.

The fight lasted nearly eleven rounds and was one of the most scientific bouts ever seen in this city.

The winner is a clever and square fighter, and certainly deserves to be at the head of his class. Gorman, the vanquished, proved himself to be game and an accomplished boxer.

The match was a repetition of the Fitzsimmons-Dempsey one. Barry's height and reach won him the battle.

A few minutes after 9 o'clock the men entered the ring. Gorman appeared to be nervous. He was seconded by Jack Everhardt, Seymour Sullivan, Harry Block and Jimmie Scanlan, his backer. J. McGowen was Gorman's timekeeper. Barry was attended by Harry Gilmore, M. J. McGurn, P. H. Fitzgerald and William Stafford. Frank Carambat was his timekeeper. Mr. Ed. Curtis acted as timekeeper for the club and Prof. Gearhardt officiated as referee.

Throughout the first four rounds Barry was very much on the aggressive, and he punished Gorman badly. The little fellow was unable to land at all on the Windy City boy, except at in-fighting, and even then he got the worst of it. From the start off it could be easily seen that Gorman had met a superior.

Despite severe punishment he received Gorman did not show signs of weakening until the eighth round. In the seventh round he had things a bit his way. But upon toeing the scratch for the eighth a few blows on his stomach from Barry made him groggy. In the tenth round Gorman was knocked down four times. In the eleventh he was too weak to deliver a blow and after going down several times the sponge was thrown up by one of his seconds.

The little fellow had not been counted out, however, and he did not like the idea of tossing up the sponge. He admitted that he was weak and the chances for his winning were poor, but he wanted to be counted out so that his friends would not think him a quitter. He was pretty badly used up, and his defeat he took very hard. Barry after the fight first congratulated his victim on the showing he had made. He then received congratulations. Barry will meet the winner of the Levy-Connors fight which takes place on June 14.

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