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Thursday, March 24, 2011

1903-03-24 George (Elbows) McFadden D-PTS12 Mike Twin Sullivan [Criterion Athletic Club, Boston, MA, USA]

1903-03-25 Boston Morning Journal (Boston, MA) (page 10)
But "Elbows" From Brooklyn Had Advantage Over "The Twin."
Visitor Was Persistent in His Sparring and Gave Grand Exhibition of Covering.
George McFadden of Brooklyn and Mike (Twin) Sullivan of Cambridge went twelve rounds to a draw in the feature bout at the Criterion Club last night. McFadden won many admirers by his persistent style of boxing. He gave the best exhibition of covering seen in this city for years and his cleverness was clearly shown and appreciated.

Both men went in at almost a moment's notice, taking the place of others who were scheduled, but they were in superb form and the bout was fast enough to suit everyone. McFadden insisted on forcing matters from the start and had the advantage on leading all through, and his blows had more steam when they landed. Sullivan was always in with both hands and was quicker in their use, but was apt to take every chance in the rules on breaking away.

The men sparred warmly in the first round, but Sullivan made the better impression. McFadden focused his attention on Sullivan's body and put in several straight lefts that jarred the Cambridge boy. McFadden kept sparring at close, and protected himself so well that Sullivan could scarcely land. At the end of the bout the men appeared fresh in spite of the fast work cut out.

Previous to the main bout Eddie Carr of South Boston got the decision over "Young" Pantz of the North End in six rounds. "Billie" Mellody of Charlestown took "Jig" Stone's place to go against Fred Winsdale of Worcester, and got his man in the second round with a right swing over the heart. Eddie Dailey of Baltimore furnished much amusement in the bout with Joe Mullens. The former had a peculiar style of falling every time he attempted to deliver a blow. He was too awkward for even Mullens to get in a decisive blow, but his seconds saw the folly of continuing after the second round.

1903-03-25 The Boston Daily Globe (Boston, MA) (page 5)
Mike ("Twin") Sullivan and George McFadden Box 12 Rounds to Draw--Carr, Mellody and Mullins Win.

Mike (Twin) Sullivan and George McFadden of New York boxed 12 rounds at the Criterion A. C. last night, and the bout was called a draw.

Duane and Gardiner were the original card, but Duane was taken sick, and the club manager had to put on Sullivan and McFadden.

McFadden landed some good lefts on his opponent's stomach.

Sullivan did some good jabbing with the left and reached McFadden's body often with both hands. He also crossed his right to McFadden's jaw several times, which shook the New Yorker up a bit.

The only redeeming feature of McFadden's work was his blocking.

In the opening preliminary Eddie Carr got the award over Kid Pantz in six rounds. Young Mellody made the going so fast for Fred Dinsdale that the latter stopped in two rounds after getting a punch in the stomach.

Joe Mullins had an easy time against Eddie Daily of Baltimore, and after two rounds Referee Eugene Buckley gave the decision to Mullins.

1903-03-25 The Evening Times (Pawtucket, RI) (page 2)
Boston, March 25.--In the main bout at the Criterion A. C., last evening, George McFadden of Brooklyn and Mike (Twin) Sullivan of Cambridge boxed 12 rounds to a draw. The bout was substituted for the one scheduled between Jimmy Gardner of Lowell and Danny Duane of New York. Duane's illness made a change necessary.

McFadden, although not what he calls fit for the go, the notice being such a short one, made a fine showing, and forced matters from the beginning. He showed all of his old-time blocking ability, and though some of Sullivan's left jabs landed, many more were blocked. It was almost impossible for the Cambridge man to get to McFadden's body.

Several times during the go McFadden worked his double and triple punch, much to Sullivan's disgust. Sullivan's best work was with his left, and many times he stopped his man with stiff, straight jabs.

The first few rounds the men were cautious, but later there were some fast mix-ups. The bout, as a whole, was marked by clever and scientific work.

McFadden will remain in Boston to prepare for his bout with Patsey Sweeney, which takes place next Tuesday evening.

Prior to the main bout last evening Eddie Carr of South Boston won from Kid Pantz in six rounds. Billy Mellody of Charlestown stopped Fred Dinsdale of Worcester in two rounds, and Joe Mullins had it his own way with Eddie Daly of Baltimore for two rounds, after which the referee stopped the bout.

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