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Saturday, March 19, 2011

1906-03-19 Abe Attell ND6 Phil Logan [Washington Sporting Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA]

1906-03-20 The Evening World (New York, NY) (page 8)
Champion Had Easy Time with Quaker, Hitting Him When He Pleased.

(Special to The Evening World.)

PHILADELPHIA, March 20.--Abe Attell's wonderful dexterity proved too much for Phil Logan at the Washington Sporting Club last night.

Attell's judgment of distance gave him all the better of the full six rounds. Logan missed many wild swings.

In the third Attell began using his right for the first time, and landed often on Logan's wind, but the blows did no damage. In the fourth he sent home a hard right to the heart and shook Logan badly.

Until the fifth Logan had not landed a blow. Then he momentarily forced the fighting and drew blood from Attell's nose with a right swing. This stirred up the champion, and he hammered Logan viciously around the mouth, soon bringing out the red spots. This caused Logan to break ground, and Attell kept after him, sending in left jabs and crossing his right until the Quaker was in a bad way.

In the final session Attell cut loose and hammered Logan unmercifully. It was the champion's fight by a mile.

1906-03-20 The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA) (page 10)
They Put Up a Tame Bout at the Washington Sporting Club

The wind-up at the Washington Sporting Club between Abe Attell and Phil Logan last night was rather a tame bout, and at the finish was even up, both men being fresh. Logan had a slight advantage in weight, but Attell was the fastest on his feet and got out of the way of some hard blows by his cleverness.

Neither man seemed anxious to lead. Attell's best work was his straight left jab, which he planted on Logan's face almost at will. In the second round Logan landed a terrific right swing on Attell's head. The fifth round found Attell bleeding from the nose. The sixth started off fast, both men landing several hard blows, but they did not have much effect.

In the semi-wind-up Marty Kane and Willie Gibbs fought a hard six-round draw. Kid Beebe had the best of Kid Trendall in their bout. Kid Bernisconi and Young Jack Hanlon went a six-round draw. Young Loughery bested Joe O'Hara.

1906-03-20 The Philadelphia Record (Philadelphia, PA) (page 9)
Phil. Had Abe's Nose Bleeding in Last Two Rounds.

Abe Attell outpointed Phil Logan, in the wind-up last night, at the Washington Sporting Club. There was a big crowd present, despite the stormy weather. Attell did not appear to be as fast as usual, and at first the bout looked a little disappointing. Then they warmed up, and before the end of the contest both lads were boxing fast enough for anybody. Attell made Logan do most of the leading, the Western lad contenting himself with countering Logan as he came in. Attell was very clever in ducking, and many of Logan's punches went wild. In the last two rounds Logan settled himself and did much better. In the fifth round he brought blood from Attell's nose, and in the last round he started it going again with straight left-hand jabs, which Attell did not get away from.

The preliminary bouts were all good. Marty Kane and Willie Gibbs put up a fast bout, with honors even. Bernisconi outpointed Young Jack Hanlon; Young Loughery stopped Young Joe O'Hara in the first round. Kid Beebe and Kid Trendell boxed a draw.

1906-03-20 The Providence News (Providence, RI) (page 8)

Phil Logan of Philadelphia suffered defeat last night at the hands of Abe Attell. The latter let Logan cut out the pace and easily escaped the Quaker's leads for his face, while he jabbed and hooked Phil as he pleased. Finding that he could not reach Attell's face, Logan changed his tactics in the third round and got in a couple of hard right swings on Abe's ribs. The fourth round was all in Attell's favor.

In the fifth round Logan rushed hard and had the better of a fast mixup. Phil then got in a stiff left hook on Abe's nose. This woke Attell up, and he soon had Logan bleeding from the mouth.

Logan opened the last round with a left hook, which sent Attell's head back with a jerk. He continued to carry the fight to Attell, who easily blocked the many swings aimed at him, and then sailed in with a series of jabs which held the aggressive Quaker at bay until the final bell rang.

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