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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1904-03-29 Dave Holly ND6 Joe Grim [Southern Athletic Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA]

1904-03-30 The Boston Journal (Boston, MA) (page 5)
Dave Holly Gave Him the Worst Pounding He Has Received in His Career.
Philadelphia, March 29.--Joe Grim, "the human punching bag," received the worst punishment in his career tonight, when he met Dave Holly at the reopening of the Southern Athletic Club. No one is quite sure whether they boxed five or six rounds, but at that Grim was all but out and it was just as well for him that the bout ended, even if it was only five rounds.

From the very first round Holly began a tattoo of punches of all kinds. Round after round Grim faced the fusillade manfully, giving but little in return. In the last round Holly fairly rained blows upon him, and Grim became helpless so far as returning punishment or even defending himself, and everybody was glad when it was over. It was like a man battering away at a see-how-hard-you-can-hit machine.

1904-03-30 The Evening World (New York, NY) (page 12)
PHILADELPHIA, March 30.--Joe Grimm, he of the iron jaw, who boasts of not possessing a polar plexus, was the recipient of one of the worst beatings of his career last night at the Southern A. C. Dave Holly, the husky colored lightweight, was the boy who delivered the trouncing to Grimm, and the Italian champion was a sorry looking spectacle when the six rounds were ended. How Grimm ever managed to last the limit is indeed a mystery. He received enough punishment to stop any two ordinary men, yet with the exception of the latter part of the sixth round, when he was knocked down twice, he stood up gamely under the terrible gruelling.

1904-03-30 The Philadelphia Record (Philadelphia, PA) (page 9)
Dave Administered a Terrible Gruelling to Italian Champion.

Although Bob Fitzsimmons, Jack O'Brien, "Kid" Carter, George Cole and various other lesser lights of the prize ring have had a crack at Joe Grim, the Italian boxer, it is doubtful if any of the former gave Grim the terrible grueling that Dave Holly, the colored light-weight, of this city, administered to him at the Southern Athletic Club last night. Grim had every natural advantage over Holly, but made little or no attempt to fight Holly except in the clinches, when he would pound Dave on the back. As a consequence Holly had things pretty much his own way throughout the six rounds. Holly did not give Grim a chance during the bout to cut up any of his usual capers, being at Grim all the time and making a veritable punching bag of the Italian. The fourth round, perhaps, was the worst for Grim. Holly punched him from one corner to another until it looked as though Joe would surely go down. He was very unsteady on his feet, and the crowd was yelling for Holly to finish him. But by holding Holly round the waist Grim managed to last the round out.

In the first round Holly, in his anxiety to stop Grim, became a little too rough, and was warned by Referee Schlichter for throwing Grim to the floor.

Grim plainly showed the effects of Holly's punches as he came out of his corner for the sixth round. Holly fairly flew at Joe and neither one shook hands. Holly forced Grim to the ropes and ripped his right and left to body and jaw. Grim clinched, and Dave in order to get away began tugging and pulling, until Grim fell to the floor. When Joe got up he again clinched and they went through the same performance. Holly didn't give Joe a chance to clinch when the latter got up, but measured his distance and gave Grim a terrific smash on the jaw, and Joe went down. Grim was up before the full count and Holly was like a wild bull. He rushed at Grim right and left and finally sent the Italian down again from a left hook on the jaw. Grim was still on the floor when the bell rang.

Terry Martin outpointed Jimmy Casey, of Bristol, in a fast six-round bout in the semi-wind-up.

Jack Bowler, the ex-amateur, and Harry Monaghan put up the best bout of the evening. It was a rattling good "go," with Bowler having the better of the first four rounds. In the fourth and fifth rounds Monaghan boxed very fast and had the ex-amateur champion in trouble several times.

In the other contests Reddy Flynn and Joe Croke boxed a draw, while Phil Griffin stopped Billy Keator in the fifth round.

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