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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1906-03-08 Jack Blackburn ND6 Jack Williams [Broadway Athletic Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA]

1906-03-09 The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA) (page 10)
Blackburn Bested Williams

Jack Blackburn bested Jack Williams last night in the wind-up of the greatest show held at the Broadway Athletic Club for some time. The men started with a rush, each trying for the stomach, and Williams succeeded in landing some hard blows, but Blackburn kept fighting all the time and the round finished about even. From then on Blackburn had the best of it, swinging a left jab to the face and a right swing to the stomach.

In the semi wind-up Fred Welsh had the best of Tommy Love after six hard rounds. Johnny Murray, who was substituted for Kid Gleason, beat Gus Feldman. Jack Harley quit to George Womelsdorf in the fifth round and Hugh McCann and Jimmy Livingston went a six-round draw.

1906-03-09 The Philadelphia Record (Philadelphia, PA) (page 9)

Downtown Middle-Weight Made the Colored Boxer Hustle.

Jack Blackburn defeated Jack Williams in a six-round bout in the wind-up at the Broadway Athletic Club last night. There was a big crowd present. While Williams was beaten it took all that the colored fellow could do to keep his lead, for Williams put up a great contest. In fact, he boxed better than he has for several months, and he seemed to get better as the bout progressed. The first round was even, neither man doing much and each trying to feel the other out. Blackburn landed several punches in the stomach and Williams got in a couple of light blows on Blackburn's head. From the second round on the bout was in favor of the colored boxer. In this round Blackburn got in a number of hard stomach punches, and one hard punch in the face started the blood flowing from Williams' nose.

The third round was a repetition of the second. Blackburn forced the boxing all the way and he punished Williams pretty hard. Williams' nose was bleeding freely when he came back to his corner. In the fourth round Blackburn knocked Williams down, and it looked as if it was all day with the downtown middle-weight; but he got up and came back strong and finished out the round in good shape. The fifth round was all in favor of Blackburn and he had Williams pretty weak. Williams lost considerable blood in this round. Williams made a great rally in the last round. He started right at Blackburn and fought every second of the round. But Blackburn did his share of the work, and before the end of the round the big fellow was pretty tired.

In the semi-wind-up Fred Welch outpointed Tommy Love. Welch was too heavy for Love, but Tommy put up a great battle while his strength lasted, and in the early part of the bout he had all the best of the exchanges. But in the last two rounds Love grew weak and Welch forced him and had Tommy tired and bleeding when the bout ended. Johnny Murray and Gus Feldman, of Palmyra, put up a fast draw. George Womelsdorf defeated Jack Harley in five rounds, and Hugh McCann and Jimmy Livingstone boxed a good draw.

1906-03-09 The Evening Times (Pawtucket, RI) (page 2)

Williams Outclassed.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., March 9.--Jack Blackburn outclassed Jack Williams in a six-round bout at the Broadway A. C. last night. Blackburn was too heavy for Williams and was very effective with his body blows.

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