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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1920-03-15 Lew Tendler ND6 Johnny Rose [Olympia Athletic Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA]

1920-03-16 Evening Public Ledger (Philadelphia, PA) (page 10)
Southpaw Gives Milwaukeean Terrific Trouncing, but Law Fails to Beat Old Legend


Louis Tendler, "loup de Logan," was unable to beat an old legend, and as a result Johnny Rose, a real, rugged, tough, steel-ribbed, iron-jawed chunk of fistic foundry, was on his feet at the finish of the limited half dozen frames at the Olympia last night. While Tendler won in one-sided fashion, the fact that Rose was among those present at the final clang of the gong resulted in a big victory for the defeated person.

The Logan lambaster was presented with a basket of flowers by admirers from his voting district previous to the opening bell, and there's where the legend stuff comes in. Picked by the smart set, wise crackers and sharks as an easy knockout victor over Rose, who hails from Milwaukee, Tendler was unable to stow away the tough guy. All of which proved that the dope was crossed.

Tried Hard for K. O.

Tendler tried his utmost to win by a knockout. He was out to score his third consecutive crusher since recovering from his recent operation. But young Mr. Rose was not to be put away. For four rounds he fought back as best he could, assimilating a terrific trouncing at the same time. Lew's vicious punches to the body and head weakened Rose so much that he was forced to clinch at almost every opportunity in the last two rounds in order to go the distance.

Rose saved himself time and again from Tendler's blasting body blows by backing up against the ropes and doubling up as the Philadelphia ace shot smashes to the stomach. Also, Johnny covered a lot of ground in backstepping, sidestepping, dodging and running. But the fact remains that Rose was on his feet at the finish, and that will mean a lot to him in future competition here.

Brown Stops Chris Chaney

The outstanding feature of the Olympia show was the clean knockout scored by Harry (Kid) Brown, South Philly High graduate, over Chris Chaney, of New Orleans, putting the southerner to sleep in one minute and twenty-eight seconds of the second round. A left hook to the jaw dropped Chaney flat on his back, his head striking the floor. Chris was completely out, and while he made a valiant attempt to get up, having regained consciousness at the count of six, the felled scrapper's deadened muscles failed him. He was counted out.

Johnny Kelly was another boxer to win by a knockout in the second round, when he socked Johnny Lewis for a silk shirt. Joey Ritchie outslugged Eddie Fletcher and Frankie Murray boxed a draw with Charley Ray.

1920-03-16 The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA) (page 14)
Local Battler Deals Gently With Boxer From West, Whom He Defeats
Harry Brown and Johnny Kelly Win Their Bouts in Second Round at Olympia
Stockyards Johnny Rose, who hails from somewhere in the West, stayed six rounds with Lew Tendler last night at the Olympia A. A. The fact that the Western man, who Tendler boxed with once upon a time in a Chicago gym, stayed the limit was due entirely to Mr. Tendler's tender mercies. After the second round Lew did not over-exert himself. He forgot he had a left hand half the time and just went along giving Rose plenty of punishment, but neglecting to take advantage of the many opportunities that presented themselves to deal out a whole lot more punishment had it been necessary to do so.

Tendler was an easy winner, as might be presumed. The first round was rather easy. Rose made a good appearance and did some jabbing, while Tendler did the usual trying out. In the second round Lew went to work much as a butcher would on a piece of meat. He hit Rose with about everything he had in the shop. His left to the body was quite effective, and it was evident that he would win in a walk. In the third and following rounds Tendler did not go to the trouble of trying to finish the job. Rose stood up well under punishment and at times fought back with some effect, but Tendler did not take advantage of the opportunity to deal out all he had in the shop and Rose was not even knocked down. In the fourth round Rose slipped and went to the floor, but he was right up again and Lew gave him plenty of chance. The crowd that packed the clubhouse liked the fight and cheered that Rose went the limit. Lots of money changed hands after the bloodless battle.

The semi-wind-up ended very quickly. Chris Chaney, of New Orleans, rolled over in the second round when Harry Kid Brown hooked him to the jaw.

The third bout of the evening also ended in the second round, when Johnny Kelly soaked Johnny Lewis in the bread basket. The other two bouts went the limit and were well contested. In the first one Frankie Murray bested Charlie Ray and Joe Richie, of Newark, had the better of Eddie Fletcher.

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