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Friday, March 25, 2011

1904-03-25 Joe Gans W-PTS15 Jack Blackburn [Eureka Athletic and Social Club, Germania Maennerchor Hall, Baltimore, MD, USA]

1904-03-26 Baltimore Morning Herald (Baltimore, MD) (page 1)
Bout Went the Limit, But Local Man Had the Better of It on Points.

Joe Gans, the lightweight champion of the world, was given the decision over Jack Blackburn, of Philadelphia, last night at the end of their fifteen round bout before the Eureka Athletic and Social Club, at Germania Maennerchor Hall. The hall was crowded to the doors.

The contest was far from being a spirited one, and interest lagged many times throughout the fifteen rounds. It was evident after five rounds had elapsed that Blackburn's sole intention was to stay the limit with the champion, and this he succeeded in doing with no discredit to himself, although as a result of his tactics the contest proved rather uninteresting.

While the bout was a rather tame affair, each man landed blows which left their marks. Although Blackburn twice took the count, it was not necessary, and he could have been up before the referee counted one.

Several times Gans started to rough matters, but his opponent would go to a clinch and hold on. Gans clearly showed that he is Blackburn's master in both blocking and judging of distance.

1904-03-26 The Evening Times (Pawtucket, RI) (page 3)
Latter Was Over Weight and Stalled Throughout Fight.
BALTIMORE, March 26.--Joe Gans was given the decision on points in his 15 round bout with Jack Blackburn of Philadelphia last night before the Eureka Athletic and Social Club. The Philadelphian was apparently 10 or 15 pounds heavier than the lightweight champion, although the men were to have weighed in at 140 pounds each, it being understood that it was not to be a championship battle. Gans did most of the fighting while Blackburn was repeatedly warned by the referee for holding. Jimmy O'Hara was the referee and his decision was cheered by the 2500 members who saw the battle.

1904-03-26 The Sun (Baltimore, MD) (page 10)
His Bout With Jack Blackburn A Tame Affair, However.

Before the Eureka Athletic Club at Germania Maennerchor Hall last night Joe Gans, champion lightweight of the world, got the decision over Jack Blackburn, of Philadelphia, after 15 rounds of very slow, tame boxing.

Blackburn should have been disqualified early in the fight for constantly holding Gans' glove. Gans did not show championship form. He was slow, had no dash and measured distance badly. The fight was a disappointment.

The attendance filled every inch of the hall and gallery.

1904-03-26 The Trenton Times (Trenton, NJ) (page 11)

Baltimore, March 26.--Joe Gans, the light-weight champion, last night received the decision over Jack Blackburn in a fifteen-round contest before the Eureka Athletic Club before 2,500 people. The bout was a tame one from start to finish. Gans did not display championship form, while Blackburn's only desire was to stay the limit. Gans was the aggressor throughout, but his blows lacked steam and his judgment of distance was poor.

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